While you might not think of privacy fences as an attractive feature, they can add style to your garden. If you’re worried about deer nibbling on your fence, try using a plant that provides a high degree of privacy. Japanese holly is an excellent choice for privacy fencing. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and produces dark berry-like fruits in winter.

A privacy fence can be made of a variety of materials. One popular option is plywood, which can add visual detail and privacy. The simple construction can be painted in a variety of colors to suit any style. It can also be used to make a screen that evokes a Japanese temple. Whether you decide to go modern or traditional, the privacy fence of your dreams can enhance the look of your garden.

Wood privacy fence panels vary in price, depending on the quality of the wood. The cheapest ones are plain wooden lattice panels, while the most expensive ones use more valuable woods. Generally, a 6×6 wood privacy fence panel will cost between $120 and $150. If you’re on a budget, you can choose a less expensive material and build the fence yourself.

Another option for a privacy fence is a painted metal perimeter fence. This fence is a modern option that will look great in any backyard. You can coordinate this fence with retro-style yard furniture and other items to complete your look. Another option is a wooden fence with a rustic feel. This style gives you total privacy, a sense of security, and a place to hang baskets.

The height of your privacy fence is generally determined by the local ordinances. Typically, your privacy fence should be at least six feet high above the ground. Occasionally, your city may allow an addition that’s not six feet high, but it must be easily removable. Moreover, a variance may be required if you’re in an unusual situation.

Privacy fences can be made of wood or vinyl. Those made from wood are usually 6 ft tall. If you’re not sure which material to use, you can consider using recycled galvanized metal. The material also offers a very interesting visual appeal. Another option is a wood-textured composite material. These materials are also durable and can last for a long time.

A modern look is also a great choice for a privacy fence. Metal privacy fences can look very contemporary and are perfect for modern homes. A metal privacy fence is also strong and doesn’t need much maintenance. Light wood frames a metal fence, making it cozier. You can also plant greenery to soften the look.

Vinyl privacy fences can come in a variety of colors. You should have no problem finding one that matches your backyard design. You should be able to find many styles and colors at your local Markham fence company also make catalogs and samples for you to browse.

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